Kaikōura District Council Media Release:

Kaikōura’s bright future received a $10.98 million endorsement from the Provincial Growth Fund today at Kaikōura District Council. 

Mayor Craig Mackle, CEO Angela Oosthuizen and Under Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau at South Bay Harbour.


The funding is for two projects, $9,880,000 for redeveloping Wakatu Quay into a mixed use commercial, retail and hospitality area and $1,100,000 for a business case for developing the harbour at South Bay.

$10.98 Million of Provinicial Growth Funding announced for Kaikōura


“This is an exciting and significant endorsement of Kaikōura’s recovery and its bright future,” Kaikōura Mayor Craig Mackle said, adding “to me, this place is paradise and our future looks better today than it ever has.”


“Following the 2016 earthquake Council’s vision of an economically prosperous Kaikōura that is a great place to live, shaped the development of these two projects. They are geared towards providing jobs, attracting investment and enabling sustainable growth”. 

“Over my lifetime, South Bay Harbour has grown from something of a local playground where you knew to stay out of the fisherman’s way, to a busy gateway to our marine world. Hundreds of people pass through it every day, on their way to swim with dolphins, watch whales, catch crays, fish, dive or enjoy paradise from out on the water. The business case will help it grow still further and make sure that gateway can serve our District and our visitors for generations to come.” 

Wakatu Quay, once home to one of the largest employers in the District but now sadly run down, is set to get the bulk of the investment. Up to $9.88million has been provided to develop a mixed used commercial, retail and hospitality space.

“I have no doubt that with nearly $10million we’ll be able to give the Quay a new lease of life and turn it back into a place that provides employment, pride and connection between locals and visitors, our culture and our environment” Mackle said.

The investment is part of a wider success story for the District. In the last three years over a billion dollars has been invested by NZTA and Kiwi Rail rebuilding the main highway and railway line. At the same time, Council has led a $40million dollar programme to rebuild and repair local roads and three waters networks, which are due for completion later this year. In the private sector the District has seen over $100million invested in residential and commercial building work.

Spending by visitors this summer season is in line with pre-earthquake levels and in December 2020 an 118 room, five star Sudima Hotel will open on the Esplanade, the first hotel of that size and calibre in Kaikōura. 

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