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What is the TEAL Initiative?

The objective of the TEAL initiative is to develop a model for sustainable mainstream housing. The model will be fully off the grid and will look very similar to the subdivisions that we live in now.

Once refined this model can be repeated nationally in a cost effective manner and will address the varying NZ housing issues.

The model will deliver warm, good quality, beautiful homes fast. 

New Zealand Housing Crisis

The New Zealand Housing Crisis

Simply put, we can not build cost-efficient, fit for purpose housing fast enough to accommodate the current population and meet each regions individual dynamics. The figures are insurmountable and the projected demand is not abating.

Infrastructure, development, building compliance and consenting costs are too high, way out of kilter, and take too long - we all know this.

The industry is bogged down in outdated regulatory processes which stall progress that is required.

In our belief the price of initial entry level housing in New Zealand is over one third higher than where it needs to be.

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There are many contributing factors to the current housing crisis:

  • Outdated regulatory process resulting in unnecessarily stalling development - often 10 - 15 years. Time costs money, that’s a fact - someone has to pay - it’s the homeowner (end user) that pays the bill every time. That means you and me and our kids.

  • Ability to access roading, water and sewer infrastructure with sensible time frames.

  • It is not always land costs. Development and time costs are what drives up section prices - another fact!

How on earth has it got to this?


Families and our people are paying way too much for housing. When are we going to stop this ridiculous outdated process?

The way forward

Technology, coupled with this knowledge enables a faster, cheaper, sustainable alternative. A repeatable model to:

  • Create self sustainable, off the grid, fully functional housing suburbs.

  • Fast track subdivision of suitable land close to the main centers. We need a sensible and logical process to use our resources correctly and reduce our environmental footprints.

  • Install “Best-in-class” solar, water, waste, mobility and safety technologies for better communities with less crime - in short, the technology exists, sensibly and practically we just need to collate, implement and refine it.

  • Technology works at scale to maximise cost-efficiency for the home owners.

  • Create a model where equity can be utilised as a part of a Kiwisaver scheme and initial deposit assistance - like a home ownership account. A “hand up” to get your own home and get you going. This is not hard nor complicated.

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Harness existing technologies & methods

The technology exists now, we know this, we just need to bring it together at scale to make it work sensibly:

  • Every house to have roof-top solar panels connected to a communal central battery storage solution managed by a control room any where in the world. We call it an app.

  • Solutions for off the grid water, sewer, household waste and power - “easy as and very doable.”

  • Best technology for energy saving in all products (fridges, street lights, insulation). We use them now.

  • Vehicle and transport charging terminals - one of many solutions.

  • Governments of the day to work with industry experts to enable and reinvent a streamlined process to re-zone land, in a sensible, logical, cost-efficient time frame - it’s just common sense.

  • All future governments to work together fairly to help people into their own home.

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Economies of Scale

There is huge efficiency when buying and developing at scale.

  • When a critical mass of homes in each development is optimum, it becomes economically viable and very practical to supply all of the services… right down to transport issues and waste disposal.

  • Off the grid dual water and treatment plants work at scale and can be installed fast and cost-effectively. No waiting 10 years until availability and having to pay exorbitant servicing costs. None of this is complicated.

When the critical mass of homes is achieved, the likes of generating, managing and storing power and energy becomes really easy - the systems work.

Ocean Ridge subdivision

Ocean Ridge, Kaikoura as the testing ground

Teal Initiative environmental sustainability

Innovation and fresh thinking

  • Kaikoura experienced a large earthquake in 2016 and was nearly isolated in terms of access - if it was self sustaining, off the grid, the town would have been more resilient. We know this now.

  • By creating off the grid suburbs, infrastructure and time costs are massively reduced and new housing can be built faster and better once we refine the model.

  • Using the best technologies is what we need to do to be sustainable in terms of energy use and climate change.

Ocean Ridge will become a world-leading testing ground for the new model of housing and subdivision. We will prove the technologies and the model which can then be rolled out throughout New Zealand.

The technology exists already, it makes good sense to put it all together in one place. The world’s talked about it for long enough - let’s give it a go!

eco subdivision
Teal Initiative Ocean Ridge Kaikoura

Why not become a part of the solution?

This won’t happen by itself so we need a show of support on social media to reinforce to government and stakeholders that the people want a new solution to the housing problem right now. Let’s stop talking and start fixing.

We will fund this, so we are not asking for anything more than your feedback, ideas and support or ‘like.’

The timing throughout the world for the TEAL Initiative is perfect.

“Let’s get the job done!”


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